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Yahoo “Accidentally” Tweets About Trump’s N****r Navy, Black Twitter Does What It Does Best

Last week, one of my followers commented how Black people don’t take anything seriously. A truer comment has never been made as we find the humor in everything. It’s the only way to survive centuries of persecution. So when Yahoo made the grandest of all fuckups and mistakenly (insert Blackest side-eye imaginable) tweeted that trump wanted a “nigger” navy instead of a “bigger” navy, Black Twitter hopped on the #niggernavy and proved three things for the millionth time: Black Twitter is the littest place on these inter webs Black people take NOTHING seriously. You cannot imitate our Blackness.


Get into the best tweets!

  1. When the #niggernavy is a fuckboi

2. Even one of our favorite journalists got in on the foolishment

3.  When you need a do-over ’cause you wasn’t ready

4. When you got questions that need answers

5. When the draft is no match for your Black ass mama

6. When they mention Black-on-Black crime and you had enough

7. When the war started and you still ironing your uniform

8. When you gotta concentrate so you gotta turn down


9.  When you down to your last million and you sailing on faith


10. When you realize them people still watching on the water

11. When them chords drop and you drop it in your dress blues

12. Self-explanatory


13. When they don’t want it with the clique

14. When you not ’bout that navy life

15. Like I said before…

After hours of roasting, Yahoo removed the tweet and apologized.

It was too late, though, because #niggernavy was already born!

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