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Trigger Fingers Turn to Twitter Fingers: That Time Mexico’s President Was Having None of Trump’s Bullshit

Listen, I enjoy good beef whether it’s on my plate, in some grey sweats or on Twitter. Well, last week, Trump assured his racist idiots constituents that he intended to make good on his campaign promise to build a wall to keep Mexican immigrants from “illegally” entering the U.S. Trump went on the explain that the bill for what former Mexican President Vicente Fox called his “racist monument” would be footed by the U.S. taxpayers (note: I ain’t paying for shit!), but that “we’re going to get reimbursed” by Mexico.

Like you, I was wondering how exactly Trump was planning to force Mexico to pay for a walk it doesn’t want. Trump didn’t elaborate on that, but Mexico’s ex-Presidente was having none of that. And while he’s always been vocal about his opposition to Trump, after the POTUS-elect ensured the American people (not my Black ass because FUCK THAT WALL) that Mexicans would be shelling out pesos to pay for that wall, Fox said, “Nah,” taking to Twitter to tell Trump in no ambiguous terms that Mexico would not be paying for that raggedy ass wall.

As expected, Trump’s supporter took to Twitter to bolster claims that the wall is not about immigration but racist xenophobia by lobbing the usual anti-brown insults at the former leader. Fox seemed undeterred as he continued to rant, questioning the legitimacy of  Trump’s election.

He went on to explain how Americans would lose plenty of jobs over Trump’s racist stunt, since Mexico had the power to assess hefty taxes and fines against companies doing business in Mexico with operations based in the U.S.. Some of those companies issued statements making it clear that were not going to sour relations with Mexico over Trump’s bigotry. BMW notably responded to Trump’s order to “build them in the USA or face big border tax,” by saying it was “absolutely” committed to its Mexican plant, while American brand Ford said it would pull out of its planned $1.6 billion dollar investment in Mexico, opting to instead invest $700 million in struggling Detroit.

I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t get enough of this shit show. Ten years ago, we could have never imagined the President of this country would be embroiled in petty ass Twitter beef. Then again, ten years ago, I never would’ve imagined a reality T.V. star would be elected. White people, you should be proud of yourselves. Your consuming hate for Black and brown folks has finally fucked you over worse than us.

How y’all feeling about this fuck shit? Weigh in below!



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