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For me, the only bright spot of the 2016 election season was logging on to see the new and hilarious ways Twitter came up with to insult and nickname Trump. From the alliterative “Mango Mussolini,” to the punny “Orange Julius,” to the giggle-fit-inducing “incompressible jizztrumpet,” it’s safe to say no public political figure has ever been so [...]

Came across this image of a  bunch of white women going WAY out of their way to make some tenuous ties to Beyoncé while at the Women’s March yesterday. Also seen this week: large numbers of white protesters wearing all black, including black face masks and gloves –who were shouting “Black Lives Matter” while committing numerous bizarre and [...]

In school, college especially, I always dreaded group projects. Each time I heard a professor’s standard instruction to find a way to work together, my eyes rolled in the back of my head. It never failed that there was always one person in the group who wouldn’t carry their own weight — missing deadlines, ignoring [...]

Toni Morrison taught me early on that love is never any better than the lover. She warned us in the pages of The Bluest Eye that “wicked people love wickedly, violent people love violently, weak people love weakly…” So when I see exasperated faces and secret Facebook groups lamenting that love failed to trump hate, I must ask: [...]

Back in September, I spent nearly three hours discussing practical ways to fight racism with a dozen white people who were eager to learn how they could channel their frustration with a racist system into meaningful action. For the last hour of the presentation, I read and answered questions submitted by the participants. Prefacing his questions with, “It seems [...]