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  It is important that you remember that history is written by the victors. It is important to note that most of the history of America was written by white people. It’s also important to note that, historically – white people are monsters. After vanquishing those who would oppose them, the victors are afforded the [...]

One day when my son was just four-years-old, I received a call from his teacher because he had thrown a few tantrums in the class that day and she wanted me to have a talk with him. I just happened to be home that day, so I did her one better and took the five-minute [...]

Within 30 minutes of the delivering my son, a lactation nurse was in my room giving me information about breastfeeding. She was adamant about convincing me to at least see if my baby would latch on to my breast, but I was tired and she was pushy, so I asked her to leave. She gave [...]