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In the past six months, I’ve written three separate pieces on Nate Parker and Birth of a Nation. The first was an explanation of why I refused to see BOAN. The second was me letting those insisted BOAN was an important enough story that we should ignore rape allegations (and Parker’s own admission that he did not receive clear [...]

I wrote a piece on my internal conflict about seeing Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation back in August. I decided that despite his acquittal on rape charges, I would not support his movie. After reading a transcript of a call between him and the victim, his own words convinced me that he had in fact committed rape. [...]

At its core, The Cosby Show was an absolute endorsement of Black respectability politics. The two married, professional, successful Black parents, the mostly well-behaved children educated at the best schools, and the focus on real “American” values were all a deliberate counter to the poverty-stricken, low-class images of shows like Good Times and Sanford & [...]

“Guilty.” One word made my night. I’d already braced myself for what I knew would be another acquittal, the latest in a series – a practice even – of injustices to black victims of police-perpetrated violence, so the news that Daniel Holtzclaw would be held accountable for raping 13 black women was a pleasant surprise [...]

The importance of music in black culture cannot be overstated. Music is in every part of our lives. We use it to celebrate. We use it to mourn. We need to clean. We need it work. The drum beats in our DNA. The strings tickle our spine. The bass is our pulse. We need music. [...]