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Getting braids is a rite of passage for Black women. Most of us can remember the excitement of having our hair braided with synthetic hair for the first time. For some of us, we get our first set of cornrows in a cute little style at 7-years-old. Others of us first get box braids for [...]

“I’m Not Racist” directed by Ben Proulx & Joyner Lucas, has garnered a lot of attention and praise – Black people love it, white people love it– it seems everybody loves it. But videos like this just don’t move me.

My social media timelines are bursting with talk about Charlottesville. No, I’m not providing a link because you all know what happened down there. My friends are all sharing news of the coverage with captions about how this is still happening in America. I keep seeing screenshots of tweets from witty white people calling out [...]

A wise person once told me to be careful what you wish for because you might get it. Well, white people have been asking for this for a long time and in this age of enlightenment, during this Global Awakening, I think it’s time they got it. Have you ever seen a kid get bullied? [...]

Get Out, the film about a black man who uncovers a sinister secret while off to meet his white girlfriend’s family, has people buzzing with discussion ranging from the humanity of Blackness under white gaze to analysis of the black identity in the horror film genre. One topic people can’t pass up is the depiction [...]

I went to a street fair when I was 6 because I was the son of a single, Black Mama who made good use of the city circulars to help find free or cheap entertainment for an intellectually curious boy. The sights and sounds of a street fair were cheaper than a movie and kept [...]

Nearly two years ago, I watched a 14-year-old Black girl, clad in a bikini, slammed to the ground by a white Texas police officer. Dejarria Becton laid facedown sobbing into the grass as a grown man, armed with a gun and badge, sat on her back. Her friends, a few teenage Black girls rushed over to assist [...]

“Do you feel that your job is to transform yourself into someone as unthreatening as possible?” Last month, a New York Times journalist posed this question to Trevor Noah who admitted he “wasn’t expecting liberal hatred” when he signed on to replace Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. After Noah confessed that after [...]