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Women Cannot Expect Men to Be Allies Unless We’re Nicer to Them Thumbnail

As I’ve declared time and again, I am not – indisputably not – a feminist. Part of the reason is because the feminist movement is so shrouded by the sheer fuckery of white womanry that I could never willingly associate myself with it. That said, I still recognize and appreciate the need for a movement which [...]

Misogynoir Is Good for Business Thumbnail

So this Shea Moisture cluster fuck has my mind racing, even more so than usual because my mind is always racing.  It’s maddening and tiring.  Watching that fiasco unfold made me think of a recent post from the littiest blog on the innanets, Kinfolk Kollective(KK), about Black Liberation through Black economics and how Black folks [...]

Stop Blaming Black Women for Black Men’s Rage Thumbnail

As I sat down to write this, I had to google to find the name of Steve Stephens, the man currently evading police after murdering an 74-year-old man and uploading the video on Facebook. I have read at least three updates surrounding the story, but his name escaped me as I focused on the details. [...]

Why Aren’t Black Kids Off Limits? Thumbnail

During the inauguration, an SNL writer tweeted that Barron Trump “would be the first homeschool shooter.” Expectedly, the outrage was swift and broad. The backlash was so harsh that the writer deactivated her account. She’s since reactivated, but has been suspended indefinitely from SNL. The message was clear: Kids are off limits. Now either the country [...]

When They Go Low, I Go Lower: I Don’t Give a Damn About Melania Trump Thumbnail

Nearly two years ago, I watched a 14-year-old Black girl, clad in a bikini, slammed to the ground by a white Texas police officer. Dejarria Becton laid facedown sobbing into the grass as a grown man, armed with a gun and badge, sat on her back. Her friends, a few teenage Black girls rushed over to assist [...]

White Pussy Always Trumps Black Lives Thumbnail

“On Friday, speaking right here on ‘First Take’ on the subject of domestic violence, I made what can only amount to the most egregious error of my career.” Two years ago, that sentence began the ingratiating apology of ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith for comments he made during a discussion of domestic violence in the NFL. Smith [...]

Kendrick Lamar won’t face backlash like Beyoncé: Socially conscious art, sexual expression and the policing of black women’s politics Thumbnail

Last week, Beyoncé took to the Super Bowl stage and performed the arguably “blackest” song of her career, “Formation,” in which she pays homage to the Black Panthers, infamous for their denunciation of police brutality, and rejects the white beauty lens by celebrating her “negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils” and Blue Ivy’s “baby hair and Afro.” The [...]

Of Victories and Victims: The Daniel Holtzclaw Verdict and Black Men Thumbnail

“Guilty.” One word made my night. I’d already braced myself for what I knew would be another acquittal, the latest in a series – a practice even – of injustices to black victims of police-perpetrated violence, so the news that Daniel Holtzclaw would be held accountable for raping 13 black women was a pleasant surprise [...]

We Keep Choosing R. Kelly Over Black Girls Thumbnail

The importance of music in black culture cannot be overstated. Music is in every part of our lives. We use it to celebrate. We use it to mourn. We need to clean. We need it work. The drum beats in our DNA. The strings tickle our spine. The bass is our pulse. We need music. [...]