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Two weeks ago I posted that I would be hosting a webinar for white women on how to be intersectional in their feminism. I intended to have two sisters co-host (read: get Becky and Emily all the way together) with me. The cost? $80 per person. I instructed anyone interested in attending to email me for [...]

Years ago — so many that I can’t remember how many —  I watched a special on MTV where a group of famous men counted down videos with “hot” women. One of the men was Dave Chapelle. The others were all white men I don’t care to remember. As expected, they paraded blonde white woman [...]

Came across this image of a  bunch of white women going WAY out of their way to make some tenuous ties to Beyoncé while at the Women’s March yesterday. Also seen this week: large numbers of white protesters wearing all black, including black face masks and gloves –who were shouting “Black Lives Matter” while committing numerous bizarre and [...]

In school, college especially, I always dreaded group projects. Each time I heard a professor’s standard instruction to find a way to work together, my eyes rolled in the back of my head. It never failed that there was always one person in the group who wouldn’t carry their own weight — missing deadlines, ignoring [...]

A few nights ago I was on the phone with one of my close friends having one of those conversations good girlfriends have when we talk about everything and nothing. We’d been on the phone giggling and dishing all day. By 1 AM, the conversation had turned — or should I say returned — to [...]

Amy Schumer’s racist spoof on Formation is peak white feminism, and she doesn’t care.   February 6, 2016 was a holiday. It wasn’t the “Federal government officially closed” kind of holiday and no fancy family meals were had, but it was a holiday nonetheless. That Saturday marked the day millions of Black people got in [...]

If you’ve been online in the past few days, you’ve definitely seen some mention of Zola, Jess and Tampa. Long story short, Zola (a black woman) and Jess (a white woman) are two strippers who traveled to Tampa for work and ended up on an adventure straight out of a Hollywood movie complete with prostitution, [...]

We all know “the man.” We’ve been blaming him for decades for destroying our communities. I don’t disagree with blaming white men who run this country with purposely and strategically planting drugs, guns and poisonous food in the black community to keep us high, killing each other and unhealthy. Nor do I deny underfunding and [...]