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cultural appropriation

Getting braids is a rite of passage for Black women. Most of us can remember the excitement of having our hair braided with synthetic hair for the first time. For some of us, we get our first set of cornrows in a cute little style at 7-years-old. Others of us first get box braids for [...]

Came across this image of a  bunch of white women going WAY out of their way to make some tenuous ties to Beyoncé while at the Women’s March yesterday. Also seen this week: large numbers of white protesters wearing all black, including black face masks and gloves –who were shouting “Black Lives Matter” while committing numerous bizarre and [...]

Amandla Stenburg is 16 years old. As smart as I like to believe I am, at 16 I could never have explained cultural appropriation as eloquently as she. I’d imagine her poise, confidence and maturity make it easy to forget she’s still a child, but nonetheless, she is. Apparently, though, she is not deserving of [...]