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The generation that fought their way out of Jim Crow and marched through the Civil Rights era was not some weak, soft, humble-mumbling band of shuckers and jivers waitin’ on de Lawd ta hear dey cry. They were fighters, strategists, builders and leaders and soldiers. Some made speeches, others formed armies; and all committed to a lifetime war to upend a racist nation.

I don’t usually watch award shows not centered around Black people. I honestly don’t care to watch white people fawn over each other as they get up the hopes of Black artists, actors, writers and directors only to remind them and the rest of us that white mediocrity usually trumps Black genius in their eyes. [...]

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since becoming a mother is that love isn’t enough. From the moment I discovered I was pregnant, I loved my baby; that was the easy part. That immediate and natural love was enough for me to feel like a successful parent for the better part of the first two years [...]