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As I sat down to write this, I had to google to find the name of Steve Stephens, the man currently evading police after murdering an 74-year-old man and uploading the video on Facebook. I have read at least three updates surrounding the story, but his name escaped me as I focused on the details. [...]

Two weeks ago I posted that I would be hosting a webinar for white women on how to be intersectional in their feminism. I intended to have two sisters co-host (read: get Becky and Emily all the way together) with me. The cost? $80 per person. I instructed anyone interested in attending to email me for [...]

Within 30 minutes of the delivering my son, a lactation nurse was in my room giving me information about breastfeeding. She was adamant about convincing me to at least see if my baby would latch on to my breast, but I was tired and she was pushy, so I asked her to leave. She gave [...]

“Guilty.” One word made my night. I’d already braced myself for what I knew would be another acquittal, the latest in a series – a practice even – of injustices to black victims of police-perpetrated violence, so the news that Daniel Holtzclaw would be held accountable for raping 13 black women was a pleasant surprise [...]

I remember the school guidance counselor telling me how mean I looked all the time. I was in fourth grade. She told me I walked around scowling all day and that it made people not like me. “I don’t wanna walk around cheesing all day, “ I replied. “You don’t have to smile,” she said. [...]

I have a few friends who love The Ellen Degeneres Show. Though I don’t watch the show, I’ve watched clips online when I was interested in seeing a particular guest. She seems like the kind of person who’d make you so comfortable in her home. Her quirkiness and ability to pull off the most awkward [...]

My mom swears I started speaking intelligibly at nine months. I tend to believe her because as far back as I can remember, I have always been able to find words to express myself. Those who know me personally will tell you that what you read on social media is merely a glimpse. I’m a [...]

We all know “the man.” We’ve been blaming him for decades for destroying our communities. I don’t disagree with blaming white men who run this country with purposely and strategically planting drugs, guns and poisonous food in the black community to keep us high, killing each other and unhealthy. Nor do I deny underfunding and [...]