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Black Lives Matter

I’ve worked in marketing and advertising for about 20 years. That means I’ve seen white fuckery perpetuated under the auspices of selling all kinds of shit. I’ve seen Heineken make a billboard exclusively in Black neighborhoods that simply read “Supreme Clientele.” No explanation was offered. Just use the title of the hot Ghostface joint and watch [...]

Came across this image of a  bunch of white women going WAY out of their way to make some tenuous ties to Beyoncé while at the Women’s March yesterday. Also seen this week: large numbers of white protesters wearing all black, including black face masks and gloves –who were shouting “Black Lives Matter” while committing numerous bizarre and [...]

Over the summer, I read an article in the The Washington Post that left me seething. A Black high school student with “mental disorders including learning disabilities” had been sodomized by three white students at his high school in Dietrich, Idaho, a town described by the Post as a “predominantly white town of 334 people.” According to a lawsuit filed [...]

The reaction elicited from calling white people “privileged” reminds me of the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy splashes water on the Wicked Witch of the West and she melts writhing and screaming in pain, “I’m melting!” Although that seems exaggerated, it’s usually about how dramatic the responses are. Online, the rebuttal is [...]

As it relates to fighting white supremacy and racism, I hate the term “ally.” I feel like it’s a way to acknowledge and reward people for being decent enough human beings to speak out against oppression. Even more, it takes the spotlight from the marginalized group and shines it onto the people supposedly there to [...]

On CVS: I remember when People’s Drug Store became CVS. My mother would give me a dollar everyday to spend after school, and on our way home, my sister and I always stopped at CVS. I loved SweetTarts. When I graduated and changed schools, there was no CVS near my new school. So I got [...]