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Barack Obama

His journey was inspiring. His presence is commanding. His competence was reassuring. And none of this was even most impressive about the man and his time in office. He was the best president this country has ever seen. That, however, is no compliment.  If ever a president lead America in the most American way possible, [...]

As he takes his final bows as POTUS and prepares to exit stage left, Barrack Obama gave a helluva performance of Black Masculinity. Clap for him. April 17, 2008 was when I met my President. He wasn’t elected yet and I would never meet him in person but that’s when he showed up for me and [...]

When I first heard about First Lady Obama’s Let’s Move campaign and subsequent efforts to push for healthier school lunches, I was certain that these were bipartisan concerns. Encouraging children to be more active and providing them balanced nutrition couldn’t possibly be a source of controversy. Well, my grandmother always said, “People will make a liar out [...]