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Mayochella: Black Twitter Dragged Taylor Swift For Gentrifying Once

Back in 2017, human matchstick and goat harmonizer Taylor Swift had the unmitigated gall to try to imitate Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter in a video for her song Look. Now if you ain’t see that light mayo shit, you won’t see it here either, so google. But basically she tried and failed, as anyone could have predicted, miserably.

After Twitter got in her ass, or I guess I should say her high thigh, I thought she would never muster up the nerve to bite the queen again. But alas, white women never cease to amaze me. Last night, ol’ white taste took to the stage of the Billboard Music Awards to perform some song (I ain’t watch that shit), complete with a marching band and set much too reminiscent of Beychella. A fucking hot steaming, rotten mess it looked.

And Black Twitter did their thing and dragged her Becky With the Bad Moves for filth. And I love y’all enough to archive this Twitter fade for ya!

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Kinfolk Kollective avatar About the author: LaSha is a writer who’s obsessed with Black people. Find her work here of course, but also on Ebony, The Guardian, Essence, Salon, Everyday Feminism, Teen Vogue, HuffPo and For Harriett. She’s loves trap music & 90s R&B, watches Jeopardy faithfully and believes fried chicken is her soulmate. The clapback queen is loud and clear about loving her kids above all else and kinda digs her Yankee husband too. Anti-Blackness gives her hives. Get at her @lashawrites on Twitter.

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