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Great Moments in Negro History: Darrin’s Dance Grooves

“Do you wonder where Britney Spears or N’Sync got their moves?” Absolutely not. But if you’re one of the few corny ass white folks who did, you were in luck in the very early 2000s as Darrin Dewitt Henson of Soul fame offered to show you how to dance.

Now any Black person who was of MTV-watching age around 2002 when this commercial was played at damn near every TRL break will tell you that we clowned this shit HARD. Your man was choreographing routines for talentless saltines who despite their inability to carry a tune in a backpack sold millions of records. Dressed in his best “white people think this is hip hop style” gear, he busted out the funky moves and took white people’s coin promising to teach them to dance.

Darrin promised to break down the moves to his new popping routine “so you can learn at your own pace.” And how could he lose with white girls in Roca Wear shirts and white boys in baggy jeans backing him up? Take a look at the commercial and cackle with me all over again.

Now before you say “bye, bye, bye,” make sure you’ve committed the routine to memory for your next event because “ain’t no lie,” these moves will be the funky freshest dopest!


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  • I was mad as shit when he was cast in Stomp the Yard, ’cause I knew his moves would be corny as hell.

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