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Shit like this is why anyone playing the victim rankles us so. Because we are used to people with privilege, and power doing dirt and crying foul. And we can argue about whether we see shades and shadows of this behavior among our own, but no one on the planet plays victim better than white people. Because white people know they are protected by a system that prioritizes white feelings over Black suffering.

Black parent, teach your children that they are magic, because we see now that the schools are serious about their sorting. They have a place in mind for our children. They want to stake a place in the minds of our children. (7 min. read)

The generation that fought their way out of Jim Crow and marched through the Civil Rights era was not some weak, soft, humble-mumbling band of shuckers and jivers waitin’ on de Lawd ta hear dey cry. They were fighters, strategists, builders and leaders and soldiers. Some made speeches, others formed armies; and all committed to a lifetime war to upend a racist nation.

“I’m Not Racist” directed by Ben Proulx & Joyner Lucas, has garnered a lot of attention and praise – Black people love it, white people love it– it seems everybody loves it. But videos like this just don’t move me.

In 7th grade I was an awkward bookish kid with rage issues. I played clarinet in the school band, wore hand me down clothes and second hand shoes. Everything in my life was some kind of fight, so I avoided conflict whenever I could. But with a backstory like mine, fights inevitably came.   The [...]

Point 3 • Successful Franchises Get Reboots   History is replete with inhumanly passive observances of the grotesque. William Bosman was a Dutch slaver. In his book, published in 1705, he wrote: “when dead Slaves are thrown over-board, I have sometimes, not without horrour, seen the dismal Rapaciousness of these Animals; four or five of [...]