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… Black Panther is not a superhero movie. It is a battle for the souls of Black folks. Ferociously attacking and digging its powerful claws into everything we thought we understood about Wakanda, class privilege, and wealth, Black Panther demands that we look hard at the effects of imperialism, colonialism and the broken and scattered [...]

X was an ENTIRELY BLACK phenomenon that white people couldn’t ignore, or participate in. They could see the film, but they couldn’t have it. It would not apologize to them. It would not coddle them. It would not placate them with a major role.

  Confession: I slept on Insecure. As a person who doesn’t do You Tube much, I have never seen an episode of Awkward Black Girl. I knew Issa Rae’s name only because I’d read about her raising money for Alton Sterling’s children. So when the show was announced, I wasn’t too enthused. I saw a few previews and still [...]

I wrote a piece on my internal conflict about seeing Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation back in August. I decided that despite his acquittal on rape charges, I would not support his movie. After reading a transcript of a call between him and the victim, his own words convinced me that he had in fact committed rape. [...]

There is nothing black people love more than cookouts. The food, the family, the games all make for a wonderful time and great memories. Now there are certain markers of any black cookout and I’m here to give you a rundown of them: 1. Your uncle will be murdering shit on the grill. Listen, black [...]

  I remember about six years ago when my level of couth was about half what it is now, a white co-worker – I have to believe she was on her cowardly lion shit and visited the Wizard for some heart – asked me, “Where do you all come up with these names for your [...]

  You know that one uncle who’s strung out on crack but is always beating the family down that he doesn’t have a problem? Meanwhile he has four teeth and can fit through the crack in a door while it’s closed. That’s some of y’all. You show all the signs that you’re in the running [...]