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Why Is No One Talking About How Insecure Takes on Colorism? Thumbnail

  Confession: I slept on Insecure. As a person who doesn’t do You Tube much, I have never seen an episode of Awkward Black Girl. I knew Issa Rae’s name only because I’d read about her raising money for Alton Sterling’s children. So when the show was announced, I wasn’t too enthused. I saw a few previews and still [...]

Have A Seat: You're Not Woke Because You Support "Birth Of A Nation." Thumbnail

I wrote a piece on my internal conflict about seeing Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation back in August. I decided that despite his acquittal on rape charges, I would not support his movie. After reading a transcript of a call between him and the victim, his own words convinced me that he had in fact committed rape. [...]

Nine Things Guaranteed to Happen at Your Family Cookout Thumbnail

There is nothing black people love more than cookouts. The food, the family, the games all make for a wonderful time and great memories. Now there are certain markers of any black cookout and I’m here to give you a rundown of them: 1. Your uncle will be murdering shit on the grill. Listen, black [...]

Learning Laquantasiana: Wear That Black Ass Name Proudly! Thumbnail

  I remember about six years ago when my level of couth was about half what it is now, a white co-worker – I have to believe she was on her cowardly lion shit and visited the Wizard for some heart – asked me, “Where do you all come up with these names for your [...]

7 Signs of Coonin’ Thumbnail

  You know that one uncle who’s strung out on crack but is always beating the family down that he doesn’t have a problem? Meanwhile he has four teeth and can fit through the crack in a door while it’s closed. That’s some of y’all. You show all the signs that you’re in the running [...]