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Black Twitter Dragged Khloe Like the Trash She Is Thumbnail

Y’all already know the tea with Jordyn Woods and the KKK. I’m just here to archive Black Twitter’s evisceration. It’s beautiful watching our folk work. Chewbacca Khloe tweeted that Jordyn was lying in her interview on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith. Khloe went on to virtual absolve her baby daddy and community dick Tristan [...]

Great Moments in Negro History: Darrin’s Dance Grooves Thumbnail

“Do you wonder where Britney Spears or N’Sync got their moves?” Absolutely not. But if you’re one of the few corny ass white folks who did, you were in luck in the very early 2000s as Darrin Dewitt Henson of Soul fame offered to show you how to dance. Now any Black person who was [...]

Great Moments in Negro History: Black Politicians Giving No Fucks Thumbnail

If you follow me, you know when it comes to politics, I’m an equal opportunity hater. I don’t fuck with none of the oligarchy, Democrat, Independent or Republican, Black, white or other, woman or man. I don’t trust their motives and know that they’re going to act in their own best interest over that of [...]

Wakanda Forever: Black Panther Was Beyond My Wildest Dreams… Thumbnail

… Black Panther is not a superhero movie. It is a battle for the souls of Black folks. Ferociously attacking and digging its powerful claws into everything we thought we understood about Wakanda, class privilege, and wealth, Black Panther demands that we look hard at the effects of imperialism, colonialism and the broken and scattered [...]

Malcolm X & the 25 Year Walk to Wakanda Thumbnail

X was an ENTIRELY BLACK phenomenon that white people couldn’t ignore, or participate in. They could see the film, but they couldn’t have it. It would not apologize to them. It would not coddle them. It would not placate them with a major role.

Why Is No One Talking About How Insecure Takes on Colorism? Thumbnail

  Confession: I slept on Insecure. As a person who doesn’t do You Tube much, I have never seen an episode of Awkward Black Girl. I knew Issa Rae’s name only because I’d read about her raising money for Alton Sterling’s children. So when the show was announced, I wasn’t too enthused. I saw a few previews and still [...]