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Lena Dunham Lying to Discredit a Rape Victim Is Peak White Feminism Thumbnail

Two years ago, when Lena Dunham went on a bizarre rant about her interaction – or lack thereof with Odell Beckham Jr. at the Met Gala (since removed), I immediately thought of Emmet Till and how a white woman had fingered him for harassing her, ultimately leading to the 14-year-old boy’s infamously gruesome murder. Despite recent [...]

Thy Will Be Done: When Missionaries Meet Their Match Thumbnail

When I was younger, a small church opened in the shopping center behind my apartment complex. Expectedly, their Sunday services began at around 7 AM and lasted well into the afternoon. Though the church small, they made up for the square footage with raucous preaching and singing . For a month, I woke to voices [...]

Two Tears in Bucket: Let Becky Bawl Thumbnail

I was five when I first learned that white girls and tears go together like bacon and eggs. We had a spelling test and the few students who made the best grade on the test were rewarded with candy. I chose three pieces of hard candy and Elizabeth, the Becks who would become my nemesis [...]

This Country Was Built By Enslaved Africans, Not Dreamers. Thumbnail

Certainly there is room for the stories of Dreamers – but the stories of Sons and Daughters of Bondage will not be cast off the shelf to make room for them. The stories of Dreamers will not overwrite the stories of those who inspired the dream and built the foundations and mooring upon which those dreams stand. Your narrative of hope is not bigger than my narrative of survival and triumph. (3.5 min. read)

Mo’Nique, Mo’ Problems Thumbnail

The only media heat Mo’Nique has had in 7 years has been reports of her complaints that nobody been fuckin’ with her for 8 years. If we’re doing the Netflix math; Anti-heat + Rumors of “being difficult” + “I Coulda Been Your Cellmate” = $500K

(Read Time: 6.5 min)

Gary Owen: STFU and Raise Up from This Table. Thumbnail

At what point do we have enough self-love, or pride in one another to demand that some shit remain family business? How is it that we are comfortable to let someone who is here on a guest-pass shit on family?
(3 min. read + video)

Meghan Markle, A Royal Wedding and Defining Blackness Thumbnail

Last year, I started seeing talk of Prince Harry dating a Black woman on my timeline. White men with Black wives and girlfriends, or actually white people with Black partners regardless of gender dynamics, have never raised celebration in me, so I easily avoided the internet chatter about a member of the British royal family [...]