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I have made many enemies with my vocal disdain for Bernie Sanders, his fanatics and his pseudo-progressive platform. The great white-haired hope ‘s appeal is lost on me. And as I am not in the business of lauding, celebrating or applauding white people for colorblind socialist rhetoric, I suppose I was never his target audience [...]

Years ago, I was working as an HR Manager for a company with deep pockets. One of my first assignments was organizing a training event for about a hundred employees. We contracted the two-day job out to a consulting firm for more money than most of the employees attending the training would make in a [...]

Two years ago, when Lena Dunham went on a bizarre rant about her interaction – or lack thereof with Odell Beckham Jr. at the Met Gala (since removed), I immediately thought of Emmet Till and how a white woman had fingered him for harassing her, ultimately leading to the 14-year-old boy’s infamously gruesome murder. Despite recent [...]

When I was younger, a small church opened in the shopping center behind my apartment complex. Expectedly, their Sunday services began at around 7 AM and lasted well into the afternoon. Though the church small, they made up for the square footage with raucous preaching and singing . For a month, I woke to voices [...]