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Blake Griffin, Child Support and Why Men Need to STFU Thumbnail

The other night, my husband who works at night, leaving me to take care of our newborn by myself, decided to stay home from work. As tired as I was, I took advantage of that fact and went out for some me time. About an hour or so after I’d been out, my husband called [...]

Code-switching Is Nothing to Celebrate Thumbnail

Years back I went on a double date with my boyfriend, my friend and her man. We were out late, and when you’re in your 20s and out after midnight, eating late night breakfast is a must, so we ended up at this diner where the lines were ridiculous but the food was worth it. [...]

97 Years A Lie: On Fake Solidarity and White Women Voting Race Over Gender Thumbnail

Last year, my son brought home an assignment. He was in third grade and was learning about voting and the U.S. political system. The worksheet included a passage he was to read and then answer questions about what he’d learned. It was about the Suffragettes and their fight for women to have the right to [...]

Do It For the Vine: On Black Folks Abusing Their Children to Go Viral Thumbnail

A few weeks ago, my son and I went to the grocery store. We were doing our usual playing and giggling on the way into the store when my son accidentally stepped on my foot. Realizing what he had done, my baby said immediately, “Sorry, Ma.” I responded with, “Nah, you gon’ pay for that, [...]

Gabby Douglas and the Race to the Bottom of Woke Mountain Thumbnail

Five years ago while a 16-year-old Gabbby Douglas was becoming the first African-American woman (or girl) to win gold in the Olympic individual all-around gymnastics competition, she was grabbing headlines not only for her athletic superiority or for making history but for her hair. There’s no need to recall how viciously Black Twitter clowned a Black [...]

Women Cannot Expect Men to Be Allies Unless We’re Nicer to Them Thumbnail

As I’ve declared time and again, I am not – indisputably not – a feminist. Part of the reason is because the feminist movement is so shrouded by the sheer fuckery of white womanry that I could never willingly associate myself with it. That said, I still recognize and appreciate the need for a movement which [...]

Ain’t Y’all Tired of Calling on White People to Stop Their Own? Thumbnail

My social media timelines are bursting with talk about Charlottesville. No, I’m not providing a link because you all know what happened down there. My friends are all sharing news of the coverage with captions about how this is still happening in America. I keep seeing screenshots of tweets from witty white people calling out [...]

Misogynoir Is Good for Business Thumbnail

So this Shea Moisture cluster fuck has my mind racing, even more so than usual because my mind is always racing.  It’s maddening and tiring.  Watching that fiasco unfold made me think of a recent post from the littiest blog on the innanets, Kinfolk Kollective(KK), about Black Liberation through Black economics and how Black folks [...]

Forgiveness Is Not Black People’s Superpower Thumbnail

One day when my son was just four-years-old, I received a call from his teacher because he had thrown a few tantrums in the class that day and she wanted me to have a talk with him. I just happened to be home that day, so I did her one better and took the five-minute [...]