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Where Were the Parents? Thumbnail

Confession: I haven’t watched either Leaving Neverland orSurvivingR. Kelly. The information I had prior to the release of either documentary was enough for me to believe that both Michael Jackson and R. Kelly raped children. And after reading graphic descriptions of Jackson’s victims’ accounts when the Leaving Neverland was announced, I vomited. I’ll continue my practice of avoiding the details [...]

Russell Westbrook, an Outrageous Child and White Entitlement Thumbnail

My husband is a sports fanatic. I mean that in the purest sense of the word. But when it comes to basketball, there’s a stronger word that communicates a complete obsession that hasn’t been placed into our lexicon yet to describe his fandom. Because of that maddening obsession with the game, anytime the TV is [...]

Stop Making Your Children Say ‘Sorry’ Thumbnail

My son began school when he was just 3 years old at a renowned public charter school. Despite the academically irreproachable curriculum, the mistake I made of forcing him into their institution so early became clear soon. Young children were required to adhere to a suffocating schedule, so rigidly structured that its goal of producing [...]

I Believe Kamala Harris Thumbnail

I spent the better part of 2017 pregnant with my now 1-year-old daughter. Having had my son more than nine years earlier, I learned quickly that pregnancy at 25 and pregnancy at 35 are two very different experiences. The morning sickness and unrelenting fatigue I bragged about dodging while pregnant with my son almost ten years [...]

Your Sons Go to College and Become Rapists Thumbnail

Two years ago, my stepson started college. My husband’s worries were those customary to any parent seeing their child off to college and their first time living alone: Will he be safe? Will he keep a clean space?Will he succumb to peer pressure with drugs and drinking? Will he manage his money? Will he study? Will [...]

Ain’t Nothing Cute About ’Cash Me Ousside’ Thumbnail

Originally published by LaSha for Ebony.com. Danielle Bregoli was catapulted to Internet fame because her parents took her onto the show to humiliate her for her “troubling behavior”—when you’re a white girl, stealing cars, beating your mother and stealing credit cards from her purse, your criminal activity is rebranded. But Danielle Bregoli’s parents brilliantly flipped [...]

Stop Lecturing Black People About Voting Thumbnail

In 2004, I watched every celebrity who graced the TV for any awards show, interview or other appearance where they spoke off script tell the audience to vote. Diddy stood on 106 & Park in a Vote or Die shirt telling us how crucial it was to get out and vote against Bush. Our votes [...]