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Black Twitter Goes in on This Statue of Tupac That Looks Like Somebody Drunk Uncle Leroy

You know, every time I think Black Twitter can’t get any more lit, they manage to make a fool out of me. Yesterday somebody tweeted a pic of a statue of in Stone Mountain that is supposed to be a likeness of Pac. Well, as you can see, clearly somebody who ain’t never heard of Makaveli sculpted this bullshit.

This statue is giving me nothing but Louis Gosset, Jr. teas.

They got Pac ouchea on Bill Duke.


My man from Digital Underground looking like Ving Rhames.

I’m having none of this foolishness and neither was Black Twitter, Get into this epic roast.

  1. When the sculptor gets his age progression representation on

2. When you find out Ashy Larry been channeling Pac all along

3. When Pac in that ghetto in the sky distraught over this

4. When you figure out that Pac guest starred on more than one ep of A Different World


5. When you realize Pac was also a peanut pioneer

6. When Pac is lowkey your fav underrated actor

7. When they used everybody but Pac as the model

8. When you see him at the crossroads

9. And now for a proper likeness of Pac

Black Twitter is undefeated, y’all, unlike this raggedy ass statue. Keep the roast going in the comments below.






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