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Black Love: Which Black Couple Is Your Fav?

Y’all remember the contest I posted about a month ago? Well, the finalists are here and I need your votes.

Couple #1: Daneisia and Jamall  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

First we want to say thank you again for picking us for this date. We did the best we could with the time we were given. Jamall and I both have crazy schedules with none of the same days off, so it was pretty hard for either one of us to plan the perfect date night.

I requested to be off for Valentine’s weekend, but I was denied. We decided to try a lunch date instead of dinner since I work the 3p-11p shift. Unfortunately due to him working overnight, our lunch date didn’t happen. Saturday night I was able to get off of work an hour early, and we made it to the Cheesecake Factory just in time to enjoy some much needed qt together. Though we both ordered two amazing looking dishes, he couldn’t resist eating off of my plate smh.

To spend the rest of the money we decided to get some snacks and popcorn from the grocery store, and enjoyed a movie at home ❤️ Though we both had seen the movie a dozen + times, we agreed on Black Panther, and watched until we fell asleep.

I’m sure we could have spent the money a different way, but with the time we had together we did the best that we could. It all came down to getting some alone time together longer than a few hours.






Couple #2: Leah and Shandrice

Valentine’s Day, 2019. A few days prior, I’d submitted my beautiful partner and I into a contest to win $60 towards a Valentine’s Day experience. Lo and behold, I was one of the winners! I can count on one hand how many times I’ve won something, so the sentiment motivated me even more to use my winnings in a unique way. Although we had to celebrate a few days after the actual holiday, it was still a beautiful day full of love, fun and reminiscence.

I’m rather new to the KK community, having been exposed to it by my partner who is a long-time subscriber. She and I have been together for just about 5 months now. Like her, I fell in love with the mindset, content and overall empowering vibe that is Kinfolk Kollective. Once I revealed to her that I was one of the winners she was ecstatic! We made a deal this V-Day: I’d plan the “adventurous” portion of our day and she’d take care of dinner… because it’s no secret, I’ll take her home cooking over a fancy-smancy restaurant ANY day. To stay within our $60 budget, she suggested she whip something up that we’d already had in the pantry/ fridge/ freezer. Feast your eyes on the masterpiece of a meal that this here Goddess “whipped up”!

Not to sound like a basic bitch, but I’m more of a crab eater. She’s a bit classier than me, hence the lobsters and shrimp I’d bought a little while ago. And leave it to us to always have some red meat in the freezer. The lobster was cooked to perfection and the steak, almost as rare and juicy as her.

Once we wrapped that up, we showered of the Old Bay and got ready for part 2 of our belated special day. I’d decided to make our first Valentine’s day special buy honoring our very first date. Artechouse (DC) was the destination. We like to think of ourselves as intellectuals and… artsy, if you will. That being the case, this venue proved absolutely perfect the first and this time around. Artechouse is an art space that showcases experimental and tech-driven works by featured artists. It also has an Augmented Reality bar that serves drinks that can be activated with an app!






So who deserves this $200? Visit the FB page to vote.

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Kinfolk Kollective avatar About the author: LaSha is a writer who’s obsessed with Black people. Find her work here of course, but also on Ebony, The Guardian, Essence, Salon, Everyday Feminism, Teen Vogue, HuffPo and For Harriett. She’s loves trap music & 90s R&B, watches Jeopardy faithfully and believes fried chicken is her soulmate. The clapback queen is loud and clear about loving her kids above all else and kinda digs her Yankee husband too. Anti-Blackness gives her hives. Get at her @lashawrites on Twitter.

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