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You Gon’ Learn Today: On the Revocation of White Privilege in North Korea Thumbnail

“That’s what the hell he gets. Good for him!” My mother had uttered those words in her typical matter-of-fact tone one morning as she watched the news. “He” was Michael Fay, an 18-year-old from Ohio who had confessed to vandalizing cars in Singapore, and was subsequently sentence to six lashes from a rattan cane. I was in sixth [...]

Congrats! You Recognize Your Privilege…And? Thumbnail

“Check your privilege.” No admonishment from white liberal progressives to other white people is complete without this line or some variation. You can almost hear the chest beating as they lambaste their less enlightened brethren for failing to acknowledge the unearned privilege they’re granted at birth. These futile exchanges devolve into nothing more than arguments [...]

Choosing Not to Breastfeed Was My Revolutionary Act Thumbnail

Within 30 minutes of the delivering my son, a lactation nurse was in my room giving me information about breastfeeding. She was adamant about convincing me to at least see if my baby would latch on to my breast, but I was tired and she was pushy, so I asked her to leave. She gave [...]

Not Your Docile Negro: Keep King’s Name Outta Your Mouth Thumbnail

By third grade, I could rattle off the highlights of Dr. King’s life and career — including dates — with perfection. My encyclopedic knowledge of the most influential civil rights leader in history was a source of immense pride for my parents. Any family function was marked by my parents directing me in an impromptu [...]

#Oscarssowhite AGAIN! Why I Don't Give a Fuck Thumbnail

Once I was up for a promotion at work. It was between me and one other woman in the office. I had been working at the company for only two years, but had done an amazing job, producing tangible results. My competitor had been with the company for many years, was well-liked and performed her [...]

How Not Giving a Fuck Made Me an Awesome Mother Thumbnail

When I was pregnant with my son, I was determined to be an awesome mother. I sat down one day and made as list of all the principles I wanted to teach him. Now, nearly eight years after I made that list, I can’t even remember most of what I wrote. I vaguely remember writing [...]

I Don’t Want To Talk Unless It’s About Tamir Thumbnail

They say George Stinney, at 14, was the youngest person ever executed by the state. Tamir Rice now holds that distinction. He was 12. Above all else, that fact matters. He had just 12 birthdays before his life ended. If it had been cancer or some other chronic ailment, we’d all mourn the tragedy. Since [...]

Stop Blaming White Privilege Thumbnail

The reaction elicited from calling white people “privileged” reminds me of the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy splashes water on the Wicked Witch of the West and she melts writhing and screaming in pain, “I’m melting!” Although that seems exaggerated, it’s usually about how dramatic the responses are. Online, the rebuttal is [...]

Monday, Why the Fuck Are You Here? Thumbnail

Monday, you don’t even go here! Why do you suck so fucking much? You are a sneaky motherfucker, creeping up like, “BOOM! I’m up in here, bitches! Fuck your weekend fun and relaxation. Get your ass into that job and do shit you hate.” Every time you get here, I’m just like: http://i.giphy.com/UQPGWlsqTrfNe.gif Why are [...]

Of Victories and Victims: The Daniel Holtzclaw Verdict and Black Men Thumbnail

“Guilty.” One word made my night. I’d already braced myself for what I knew would be another acquittal, the latest in a series – a practice even – of injustices to black victims of police-perpetrated violence, so the news that Daniel Holtzclaw would be held accountable for raping 13 black women was a pleasant surprise [...]