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Stop Making Your Children Say ‘Sorry’ Thumbnail

My son began school when he was just 3 years old at a renowned public charter school. Despite the academically irreproachable curriculum, the mistake I made of forcing him into their institution so early became clear soon. Young children were required to adhere to a suffocating schedule, so rigidly structured that its goal of producing [...]

Cory Booker, I’m Not Explaining Shit to White People. Ever. Thumbnail

Years ago, I was working as an HR Manager for a company with deep pockets. One of my first assignments was organizing a training event for about a hundred employees. We contracted the two-day job out to a consulting firm for more money than most of the employees attending the training would make in a [...]

Great Moments in Negro History: Black Politicians Giving No Fucks Thumbnail

If you follow me, you know when it comes to politics, I’m an equal opportunity hater. I don’t fuck with none of the oligarchy, Democrat, Independent or Republican, Black, white or other, woman or man. I don’t trust their motives and know that they’re going to act in their own best interest over that of [...]