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Julian Long

I went to a street fair when I was 6 because I was the son of a single, Black Mama who made good use of the city circulars to help find free or cheap entertainment for an intellectually curious boy. The sights and sounds of a street fair were cheaper than a movie and kept [...]

Came across this image of a  bunch of white women going WAY out of their way to make some tenuous ties to Beyoncé while at the Women’s March yesterday. Also seen this week: large numbers of white protesters wearing all black, including black face masks and gloves –who were shouting “Black Lives Matter” while committing numerous bizarre and [...]

As he takes his final bows as POTUS and prepares to exit stage left, Barrack Obama gave a helluva performance of Black Masculinity. Clap for him. April 17, 2008 was when I met my President. He wasn’t elected yet and I would never meet him in person but that’s when he showed up for me and [...]