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Julian Long

The generation that fought their way out of Jim Crow and marched through the Civil Rights era was not some weak, soft, humble-mumbling band of shuckers and jivers waitin’ on de Lawd ta hear dey cry. They were fighters, strategists, builders and leaders and soldiers. Some made speeches, others formed armies; and all committed to a lifetime war to upend a racist nation.

X was an ENTIRELY BLACK phenomenon that white people couldn’t ignore, or participate in. They could see the film, but they couldn’t have it. It would not apologize to them. It would not coddle them. It would not placate them with a major role.

In 7th grade I was an awkward bookish kid with rage issues. I played clarinet in the school band, wore hand me down clothes and second hand shoes. Everything in my life was some kind of fight, so I avoided conflict whenever I could. But with a backstory like mine, fights inevitably came.   The [...]

Point 3 • Successful Franchises Get Reboots   History is replete with inhumanly passive observances of the grotesque. William Bosman was a Dutch slaver. In his book, published in 1705, he wrote: “when dead Slaves are thrown over-board, I have sometimes, not without horrour, seen the dismal Rapaciousness of these Animals; four or five of [...]

Point 2 • The Dark Cinema of Black Death For the last six years of my life, I’ve worn dark glasses nearly everywhere. Even at the movies. I am standing, waiting for the ticket attendant to lift the velvet rope and let my friend Darren and me in to see Iron Man 3, when our [...]

  It is important that you remember that history is written by the victors. It is important to note that most of the history of America was written by white people. It’s also important to note that, historically – white people are monsters. After vanquishing those who would oppose them, the victors are afforded the [...]

If we’d REALLY had a Black president; if he’d operated in the full authority of both his office and his Blackness, we might have seen an America that was Blacker than it’s ever been. One where we could have the liberty walk around free in our skin and our rights and confident that our positions at work and in the world would not be jeopardized for the simple crime of being as Black as we wanna be.

Last week a white woman ate some cake and a lot of people lost their shit. Most people missed the joke. But that’s not even the point of this piece. I don’t typically get too mixed up in the appropriateness of political satire because analyzing comedy is a zero sum game. Unless something is blatantly [...]

I am the doggie daddy to one of God’s most photogenic and delightful canines. When it comes to cuteness and personality, Lassie, Snoopy, Rin-Tin-Tin, Checkers and neither of the two Obama dogs can lick my dog’s ass. Literally. Don Cheagle is the best dog. Ever. Don is small, cheerful and white. He can’t help it. [...]

I’ve worked in marketing and advertising for about 20 years. That means I’ve seen white fuckery perpetuated under the auspices of selling all kinds of shit. I’ve seen Heineken make a billboard exclusively in Black neighborhoods that simply read “Supreme Clientele.” No explanation was offered. Just use the title of the hot Ghostface joint and watch [...]