Write For Us!

We’re  looking for Fresh, Black, Powerful Writing.

Are you committed to the destruction of the system? Do you have a lot the world needs to read?

Is your voice unique and powerful? Are you funny as fuck?

If so, Kinfolk Kollective wants to hear from you.

Kinfolk Kollective is seeking regular (paid) contributors.

We want pieces from Black writers rich in narratives about the Black experience.
Writing should be brutally honest, methodical and gripping with well-supported arguments.

How To Submit


Please send a query email with the subject line “PITCH: [Topic Summary of 8 or Fewer Words].”

The body of your email should include:

  • a brief introduction
  • a 2-3 line summary of your topic, and your “angle”
  • a link to a published writing samples if you have them
  • a short bio.

All submissions should be sent to: submissions@kinfolkkollective.com.

Allow 5 working days for response. Writers with promising pitches will receive follow up instructions to complete the submission process.

NOTE: Kinfolk Kollective only accepts original, previously unpublished submissions.



This publication is Black centered –  successful submissions will address issues of race and racism, as well as colorism, sexism, gender discrimination/queer dis

crimination, transphobia, sexualities, misogyny/misogynoir, and the deconstructing oppressive ideologies.

Potty mouths are acceptable here. Use whatever expletives you feel add meaning and power to your writing.

(Also, LaSha really loves to laugh, so please send the funny stuff too.)


We cannot wait to hear from you!




*Paying contributors is made possible through your generous donations.