KK Social Network!


“I’m rooting for everybody Black.” Since Issa Rae uttered that phrase on the Emmy red carpet nearly two years ago, Black people have adopted it as our unofficial motto. After all, it was so fitting for the way we are collectively groomed anyway. We watch the Olympics and root for the Black people no matter [...]

“My mother tells me to fix my hair. And by ‘fix,’ she means straighten. She means whiten. But how do you fix this ship-wrecked history of hair? The true meaning of stranded: when trusses held tight like African cousins in ship bellies, did they imagine that their great grand-children would look like us? And would [...]

A few months ago, I shared a meme that called out anti-Blackness in Black nerd culture. It started one of the most intense discussions I’ve ever had on my Facebook page and went on for days. I lost hundreds of followers over it and a few of my followers later told me that the threat [...]