Keep It 💯, Kinfolk!

Kinfolk, y’all wear my inbox out! We family and all, so I’m happy to chat, but sometimes I’m like, “LAWD! The family spilling all this tea and here I am with no cup to catch and sip.”


Enter “Keep It 100, Kinfolk!” This is an advice column about any any everything. Well almost. I am many things — mother, wife, writer, sister, friend, ratcheholic — but I am not a medical professional. So don’t email me about mysterious rashes, medications or any medical needs because I will refer you to your primary care physician.


Other than that, I’m open. Got a secret you’re keeping from your loved ones and you know you wrong as two left shoes on a donkey walking backwards up a mountain in Ruby Woo? Holler at me. I’ll let you know:


Tired of your racist coworkers and their microagressions? Need someone to vent to and give you rational advice? Get at me. I’ll let you know:


Your boo irking your last nerve? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Let me know the deets. I’ll listen and let you know you need whether you should be packing their shit, cutting up their drawers or going full Bernadine in Waiting to Exhale.


Seriously, though, y’all know I’m a feeler and a lover. If you’re in a situation and you just need someone from the outside with a fresh perspective, I’ll be that. I’ll keep names and identifying details private. I’ll be brutally honest but sensitive and fair. I’ll try to post responses within 48 hours.

So email me at, so I can read all your biz, like: