I’m a Young, Black Activist and I’m Voting for Trump

First. Let’s set the stage here:

How young am I?

Not “snapbacks and tattoos” young. Also, how young I am not: Though it was a terrible attempt (not as terrible as some of today’s hip-hop #shotsfired), I’m not young enough to know a current song that cleverly rhymes with current trends in popular culture. In other words, I’m 31, young enough to still be somewhat naive about the world, old enough to wake up and be enlightened.

Now, how black am I?

This may seem like a messed up question, but I guarantee that 85% of the black people reading this are wondering the exact same thing. I’ll put it this way: As a kid, all I wanted to do was fight like Bruce Leroy, dance like Turbo and be a member of ABC (all of these things are still true by the way, #ABCreunion).

My heroes are Fannie Lou, Martin, Malcolm, Fred, Thomas Sankara, to name a few. Black wife. Black child. Black love. Black power. In other words, I’m black as hell. You know how white people say “I’m not racist, I have black friends”. I’m starting to feel that way but the opposite. I thought I had some white friends, but I haven’t heard from them since I woke up, so they must have actually been racist (just kidding, but not really though #whereyallat?).

What kind and how much of an activist am I?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m new to this and have no damned idea exactly what I’m doing just yet. What I am, however, is committed. I quit the corporate plantation to fight full time in the war against oppression and white supremacy. My efforts are focused squarely on economic empowerment because many of our current problems are largely due to the fact that we lack an economic base (conscious fam, I didn’t say it was our fault. Don’t go in).

So, is Donald Trump qualified to be president? FAWK NO! 

I hope you didn’t come here looking for validation to vote for that clown for the wrong reasons. “Well you said you’re voting for him. What’s the deal?” I’ll get to that. I must first explain that while I have not always been a conspiracy theorist, I am slowly becoming one. Currently, I’m at 35% to be exact, and the number increases almost daily as I learn more about the war on drugs, mass incarceration, weapons of mass destruction, the history of the Congo, Martin Luther King’s assassination (the list is too long and depressing to continue).

With that said, we now know that everything in the past wasn’t exactly as it appeared. If hindsight is 20/20, why not keep those glasses and use hindsight to guide our future actions and decisions? We all know that there is more to this “election” than meets the eye.

Two extremely rich individuals with absolutely no integrity who happen to be friends are the leading “nominees” to become “President” of the “United” States. Neither is desirable (and if you disagree, you haven’t done enough research), but to the majority, I think there is a clear “lesser of two evils,” which is still pretty damn evil. Well I’m not a fan of electing evil or being manipulated and that’s what it feels like is happening. (Sidebar: You mean to tell me no republican “candidate” could have found that tape from 10 years ago talking about assaulting women?).

If I was an evil, rich motherfucker with another evil, rich homeboy, this is exactly how I’d play it. I’ve done hustles (not proud) using similar strategies on a much smaller scale. All the same game, they look left, you go right. I know what you’re saying, “We know the situation is fucked up, but you haven’t said why you’re voting for Trump or what that will accomplish.. Let me do me. Here we go:

1- Exploding racists’ heads:

Believe it or not, there are still disenfranchised, impoverished and oppressed white people, in the year of our Lord two thousand and sixteen, who think people of color and immigrants are the enemy and the source of their misfortune. Deep down I feel sorry for this lot because they are being manipulated just as we have been. They have fought and died for the masters of this world in numerous wars only to find their jobs shipped away, pensions frozen, neighborhoods flooded with drugs (sound familiar?), and much more. With all of this, they still find a way to blame Black and brown people and immigrants for their downfall.

So even though, deep DEEP down (so far down that it’s almost not really there) I feel sorry for this lot…#fuckem. Should’ve woke up when Black people were going through hell instead of looking the other way. I want to see them get everything they think they want and then see the look on their faces when nothing changes. Who will they blame then? Probably whomever they are told. This will not bring me any happiness as it will only lead to more despair, more overdoses and suicides, more failed schools and failed marriages, more hate and regret instead of love. I wish that I could reach you racists, but they are too far gone, I’m afraid. This has to run it’s course. #Trump2016

2- Wake yall the fuck up:

It’s crazy to me when Black people say they don’t want Donald Trump to be president because they are afraid of what will happen, my response every time: Have you been outside lately? The police are doing drive-bys on 12 years olds with impunity under a Black president. How much worse can it get?  If you don’t see how bad things really are, then you aren’t paying attention and maybe you need it to get worse for you to take action. Maybe you need to see the fucking water hoses and the dogs on the news again. I don’t. By the way, they had the dogs out at the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, so there you go.

Maybe you need somebody to throw your comfortable ass out of Cheesecake Factory instead of just taking your money and building up their community while yours continues to deteriorate. Maybe, just maybe, you need to realize where you at and if it takes it getting worse for y’all to wake up, bring on worse. We’ve been through worse, what we haven’t seen is better. #Trump2016

3- Call the devil’s bluff:

I’ll admit this is the wildest reason, so I know a lot of you won’t rock with me on this, but at least hear me out. I don’t believe Trump ever wanted to be President. I truly don’t. Everything from the plagiarized speeches to the insults to the outrageous statements are more than enough evidence, and as we get closer to the “election,” I think it will only become more evident. If that’s the case, we have been manipulated from jump to vote for Hillary Clinton who, along with her husband, is responsible for terrorist and evil acts committed against poor people and people of color around the world.

I, like Rico, don’t like that shit. I don’t like that shit. In fact, I’m tired of acting like everything is fine. I’m tired of accepting what rich & powerful people say just because they’re rich & powerful, especially since so many have turned out to be evil (see chapter 1 verse 4 in the book of Hindsight).

We believed them in the War on Drugs & 1994 Crime Bill and guess what, it was bullshit. We believed in the weapons of mass distraction and War in Iraq bullshit. We believed them about 9/11 and while the jury is still out, it’s starting to smell like some bullshit. We believed them after the earthquake in Haiti, bulliest of shits. How many more chances are we going to give these people that lie to our faces and would murder us if our death was worth more than our continuous consumption? What’s the cost of these chances?

Nah. I say fuck that and fuck them. I’m calling the devil’s bluff. If they think that motherfucker is capable, let’s give him a shot. And if he ends up driving this corrupt, greedy, exploitative, murderous, imperialistic, colonizing, oppressi

ve, lying, plutocratic train off a cliff to the point where we have to start back at square one and do it right, then maybe he will actually make America great. #Trump2016

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