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November 2018

Thy Will Be Done: When Missionaries Meet Their Match Thumbnail

When I was younger, a small church opened in the shopping center behind my apartment complex. Expectedly, their Sunday services began at around 7 AM and lasted well into the afternoon. Though the church small, they made up for the square footage with raucous preaching and singing . For a month, I woke to voices [...]

10 Years a Fool: This Ain’t the Black Love I Love Thumbnail

This weekend, all the blogs broke news of the engagement of Dipset rapper Juelz Santana and his longtime girlfriend Kimbella. The rapper proposed at a show at the Apollo Theatre. According to Kimbella, the couple has been together nearly a decade. She took to IG Saturday to issue words of encouragement to other desperate hopeful women saying, [...]

Stop Lecturing Black People About Voting Thumbnail

In 2004, I watched every celebrity who graced the TV for any awards show, interview or other appearance where they spoke off script tell the audience to vote. Diddy stood on 106 & Park in a Vote or Die shirt telling us how crucial it was to get out and vote against Bush. Our votes [...]