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November 2017

Meghan Markle, A Royal Wedding and Defining Blackness Thumbnail

Last year, I started seeing talk of Prince Harry dating a Black woman on my timeline. White men with Black wives and girlfriends, or actually white people with Black partners regardless of gender dynamics, have never raised celebration in me, so I easily avoided the internet chatter about a member of the British royal family [...]

Gabby Douglas and the Race to the Bottom of Woke Mountain Thumbnail

Five years ago while a 16-year-old Gabbby Douglas was becoming the first African-American woman (or girl) to win gold in the Olympic individual all-around gymnastics competition, she was grabbing headlines not only for her athletic superiority or for making history but for her hair. There’s no need to recall how viciously Black Twitter clowned a Black [...]

Malcolm X & the 25 Year Walk to Wakanda Thumbnail

X was an ENTIRELY BLACK phenomenon that white people couldn’t ignore, or participate in. They could see the film, but they couldn’t have it. It would not apologize to them. It would not coddle them. It would not placate them with a major role.

When We Gonna Throw Down? Thumbnail

In 7th grade I was an awkward bookish kid with rage issues. I played clarinet in the school band, wore hand me down clothes and second hand shoes. Everything in my life was some kind of fight, so I avoided conflict whenever I could. But with a backstory like mine, fights inevitably came.   The [...]