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March 2017

#WhiteHistoryMonth is here… Thumbnail

A wise person once told me to be careful what you wish for because you might get it. Well, white people have been asking for this for a long time and in this age of enlightenment, during this Global Awakening, I think it’s time they got it. Have you ever seen a kid get bullied? [...]

White Women Will Always Keep Me Away From Feminism Thumbnail

Two weeks ago I posted that I would be hosting a webinar for white women on how to be intersectional in their feminism. I intended to have two sisters co-host (read: get Becky and Emily all the way together) with me. The cost? $80 per person. I instructed anyone interested in attending to email me for [...]

Body Positivity Is for White Women Thumbnail

Years ago — so many that I can’t remember how many —  I watched a special on MTV where a group of famous men counted down videos with “hot” women. One of the men was Dave Chapelle. The others were all white men I don’t care to remember. As expected, they paraded blonde white woman [...]

A Day Without a Woman Is a Protest of Privilege Thumbnail

Listen, nobody appreciates a day off as much as me. I savor a day to sleep, lounge around and just be generally slothish. Since quitting my job a few months back to write full-time, I’ve been able to have a few more days like that. But I’m married. My husband has a good job and [...]

‘Get Out’ – Your White Partner Won’t Save You Thumbnail

Get Out, the film about a black man who uncovers a sinister secret while off to meet his white girlfriend’s family, has people buzzing with discussion ranging from the humanity of Blackness under white gaze to analysis of the black identity in the horror film genre. One topic people can’t pass up is the depiction [...]

Spoiler Alert: ‘The Lion King’ Is Racist As Fuck Thumbnail

I recently re-watched The Lion King with my 3 year old for the first time since I was a kid – and I came to the conclusion that Mufasa was racist. Now Disney racism is not even close to new, but what I hadn’t realized was the clever way the movie feeds the audience the all [...]