Food 4 Less Store Manager Assaults Black Homeless Man

One of my followers recorded what appears to be a manager of a Food 4 Less store in Inglewood, CA assaulting a man. I’m told that the victim, a Black man, is homeless and was caught trying to steal soap and shampoo. Once the man was stopped, the merchandise was recovered and the victim attempted to leave. In the video, you can see both the manager and a security guard holding the man hostage. At one point, the victim is on the ground being held down and the manager punches the man. You can here several customers intervening during the incident.

Take a look at the video:

Regardless of whether the victim stole or not, the store manager handled this inappropriately. He cannot hold a person hostage and the assault of this man was illegal.

The store is located at 3200 W Century Boulevard in Inglewood, CA 90303. Food 4 Less is owned by Kroger. Please use this form to contact them and let them know that this is not acceptable. Demand the manager be disciplined.


Kroger Contact Info:

Call Center
(Open Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST)


The Kroger Co.
Customer Relations
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Corporate Switchboard
(513) 762-4000

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