Kim K Was Robbed in Paris, But Black Girls Get Shot Everyday, B!

I woke up this morning to Kim Kardashian trending. That’s nothing unusual. After all, she is the wife of one of the most controversial public figures of our time¬†and¬†an oft crowned “fashion icon” (insert Black girl side-eye) who is infamous for her ample plastic parts and ¬†famous for her glo up from peddling a tape of her¬†giving¬†Ray-J’s egg roll and dumplings all the personal attention they deserve. Today though, it wasn’t her¬†body, Kanye or the “home movie” that made her a hot topic in the news.

Kardashian, while in Paris for Fashion Week, was robbed by armed gunmen impersonating police. According to CNN, the France’s Interior Minister reports that Kris’ daughter was “locked in a bathroom while the men took two cell phones and jewelry worth millions of dollars.” Fortunately, her two children “were not present” during the robbery after which Kardashian who was “badly shaken but physically unharmed” fled the country.

This is horrible news. Whatever feelings I have about the Kardashians, a woman’s life being endangered is a serious matter. I think we should all have a moment of silence for Kim. Starting n–¬†Oh, my bad, I was distracted texting and talking to my sister, kind of like Kim, Kendall and Kylie were during the moment of silence for Mike Brown at the MTV VMAs a couple of years ago.

Really though, it seems pretty fucked up that another white celebrity with a thing for appropriating Black culture (think your favorite swimmer¬†and his utterly ridiculous grill) had to travel thousands of miles to be robbed by thugs imitating police. My bad! I forgot¬†Ryan Lochte was lying¬†about being robbed. But I digress because we have no reason to question Kardashian’s story.


So as I was saying, it’s sad that this woman was robbed of so much valuable jewelry. I remember how distraught I was when someone¬†broke in my apartment and stole my TV, my boyfriend’s Play Station and some brand new shoes I’d just bought. So I can understand why¬†so many of y’all are concerned for her.¬†I personally was pretty broken up about it, but I want to assure Kim that:


I mean, I’m positive that the Wests had insurance to cover the nearly $10 million dollars in jewelry they lost as the result of heavily armed men breaking into their rented¬†apartment, so they won’t suffer any loss. I’m just wondering where all this empathy and concern was from my brothers and sisters¬†two months ago when heavily armed men broke into¬†Korryn Gaines’ apartment, killing her and injuring her child, who unlike North and Saint West was present for such a horrifying incident. I guess y’all don’t care about Black women losing their lives nearly as much as y’all do white women imitating Black women losing their diamonds.

Quite frankly, Kim Kardashian has been robbing Black women for more than a decade. She and her clan have looted our aesthetic, making millions¬†imitating the looks my sisters are labeled ghetto trash for rocking. Unlike Kim, Black women won’t recoup the invaluable cultural currency lost when white women like the Kardashians are credited with creating our styles, bringing their watered down versions of braids, bodies, cuisine and fashions to the mainstream. There’s no policy to cover that.

I guess I’m being pretty insensitive, but I’m less than moved that a woman who has made a fortune from trying to be Black but not trying to be Black was robbed. I’m as concerned for her safety as she and her husband have been for the Black people dropping like flies all around them. And I’m growing a lot less concerned for all the niggas who have already started with the misogynoir bashing Black women for not giving a damn about this robbery.

You see, since forever, Black women have been loving Black men while women like the Kardashians have been loving Black dick. Black women have placed their bodies between Black men and the police, literally risking our lives to protect y’all. Yet, for all the Black women and girls hung in cells, killed while sleeping in their own beds or shot in the head by a cops reckless bullets, y’all can’t collectively muster a dime-sized bag of fucks to give, yet y’all have the energy and motivation to admonish Black women — the only ones who give a damn about your murders — for not offering our condolences to the Jesse James of Black girl culture?

Whatever. If y’all need a list of women to do defend,¬†you can start with these 15. Or you can start with the Black women you see being harassed on the street, groped in the club or abused in your own homes.

Yeah, it’s terrible to be in such a scary position

where your life is threatened over some meaningless bullshit. But at least Kim Kardashian has nearly 50 million followers who have her back. Meanwhile, we Black girls have to rally for ourselves when our lives are not only threatened, but taken because as Kim proves, everybody wants to be a Black woman, but nobody wants to be a Black woman.



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