Mayor Tweets Calling Black People Racial Slur

Michael Ihle, the 29-year-old mayor of Ravenswood, West Virginia and a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, tweeted a quote attributed to Lyndon Johnson referring to Black people as ‚Äúniggers.‚ÄĚ

When called on his use of the indefensible slur, Ihle responded by claiming he was merely “pointing out a historical truth.”

Ihle announced¬†in January via his Facebook page that he would not seek re-election when his term ends on June 30 of this year. Instead, he will seek re-election to the House of Delegates where he feels he can “continue to make the most difference,” noting that West Virginia is “so far behind the times.”

One area where West Virginia is on par with the rest of the country is apparently bigotry. When a politician doesn’t even try to clean up his racist statements, there’s no denying that he will “make the most difference” in the lives of the Black people he thinks are niggers. Unfortunately, that difference can’t be positive.

The city of Ravenswood boasts a total population under 4,000, with ar

ound 1% of residents being Black. The state of West Virginia has a higher percentage of black citizens with a total population over 1.8 million and around 63,000 or 3.4% of that population being black.

Ihle’s House of Delegates profile can be found here.


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