On Chicago, Hillary can sit the fuck down

“The divisive rhetoric we are seeing should be of grave concern to us all,” Clinton said in a statement. “All of us, no matter what party we belong to or what views we hold, should not only say loudly and clearly that violence has no place in our politics, we should use our words and deeds to bring Americans.”

“We need to address that anger together,” she added.

Clinton then evoked the massacre in Charleston, S.C., which left nine African American churchgoers dead. She pointed to it as an example of how the country can overcome its divisions.

“The families of those victims came together and melted hearts in the statehouse and the Confederate flag came down,” Clinton said. “That should be the model we strive for to overcome painful divisions in our country.”

Hillary Clinton

By Adele Thomas

Fam….As my grandma used to say, “What’s this got to do with the price of tea in china?” What blurb or CNN briefing did she watch while doing a 2 mile lite walk on her treadmill before writing this? Is anyone watching Hillary? Does she have a bedtime? Was she under the covers with her blackberry, light of the screen all to be seen, issuing statements off the clock?

I feel like this is all so surreal. The layers of safely distributed webbings on which white Americans will systematically fall to perpetuate their power structure baffles me on the regular, but this shit right here tho… I can’t even read this statement by Hillary Clinton without stopping to ask additional questions. I need to know what receipts she has. Who told her this was cute?

The United States of America always uses violence in its politics. First of all, we are capitalists and capitalism is a form of violence in and of itself. Capitalists kill people for weapons, natural resources, space and time. They use militarized forms of law enforcement on citizens who cannot properly defend themselves against abuse. They cut corners for financial gain and poison the poor, a majority of whom identify as people of color. They have been found guilty of assassinating or aiding in assassinations of influential counter political figures and organizations.

This country and its political system exist only because of revolutionary violence against a former authoritative force. So what in the what, Hillary? Bonus points if she can also work into her answer why nonviolent protest is also a problem for her, because she has silenced black women continuously during her campaign, compartmentalized and reduced their oppression, snarkily told them to run for office if they don’t like how she or her government handles business, and still, she is winning states where black american voters could at least create a fighting chance.

Hillary, I need you to keep martyred Africans out your mouth. Don’t you dare attempt to use them or their still mourning families as fodder. Families, I might add, who black revolutionaries across the nation shook our damn heads at when they inadvertently caused their own white liberal political manipulation by “peacefully” and religiously denouncing Dylann Roof and allowing US media to use the story as black violence porn.To top this all off, you rewrote history like you always do. The families coming together with white communities is not why the confederate flag was removed. If you don’t remember, Bree Newsome took down that flag in an act of civil disobedience which sparked national discussion of whether or not it needed to be removed from its position at the South Carolina capitol building. Any narrative that erases her actions is black history erasure.

Activism is not meant to “melt the hearts” of your constituents, Mrs. Clinton. I really have no idea why this statement is even relevant to what happened in Chicago at the Donald Trump rally when put into context. The rally was shut down by the people of that community. Unless you still hold onto the idea that every community is majority white and minority non white, you should understand that not every community holds white power as its ideal, though politically it is still established in that way, which is why the people are oppressed. So when the people shut down a city, call Trump on his cowardice, revolt against militarizing police presence, and shout “not in my house!”that is the “American” model to strive for, not striving to melt some soulless chest cavities for pity.

Here is a theory though… Hillary has been “interrupted” numerous times by black protestors this election thus far. Her interactions have been face to face in most instances.Does she think that the interruptions she has had are comparable to the instances of violence at these rallies? Does she feel victimized herself, therefore able to inaccurately define both sides as guilty of not using their big kid words?

This statement bypasses that black and brown protesters at Trump events have been primarily  nonviolent even as they have been repeatedly attacked by Trump racists. These instances keep occurring not because people at these rallies are there to support Trump, but because they are supporting racism and white supremacy. They are there to fight in their race war by sucker punching protesters with the support and protection of white security guards. They heckle and physically attack teen girls there to stand and say “I matter!” They attend to maybe catch a glimpse of violence against people of color (much like looky loos did during town lynchings and picnics) either physically or verbally from Trump himself.

Black people are there to defend themselves, their communities and their livelihood. You, miss Clinton, have got the people of Chicago confused with some house negro shit. Do you have black friends you don’t pay for? ‘Cause those paid black people won’t tell you that you need to sit the fuck down.

I will tho…

Adele Thomas is contributing editor of Consciously Decolonizing on Facebook, Tweets too much @Whogivesabibble and can be found @Decolonizing_Harddrive on Instagram. She is a human and birth rights activist and social media content creator. She is a Black African Femme Geek by day… revolutionary mother by night.

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